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Saturday, June 2, 2018:  

I vaguely remember recommending Byron Buxton to all who would listen this past off-season. Especially coming off the second half of 2017 when Buxton hit .306 with 12 HR, 37 RBI, 47 runs, 15 SB, and an .892 OPS. But as we sit here the end of May, Buxton is hitting .159 in 88 AB with 8 runs, nary a HR, 4 RBI, 5 SB, a 27/3 K/BB, and a .391 OPS. You read that right, a .391 OPS! Career minor leaguer Ryan LaMarre will be getting the start for the Twins in CF tonight in the place of Buxton. Maybe the Twins should, as they have done in the past, send Buxton back to Triple-A for a little R&R.

In AL-only leagues James (formerly Big Game) Shields will have his uses. In fact, over his last 6 GS Shields has a 30/13 K/BB, 24 HA, and a 3.38/0.93 ERA/WHIP in 40 IP. So he's been more than useful over that time. And he has gone at least 6 IP over his last 7 starts. At the height of his "greatness" (2011-2015) Shields averaged 33 GS, 14 wins, a 208/63 K/BB, 206 HA, and a 3.30/1.19 ERA/WHIP in 227 IP a season for Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and San Diego. I'm even considering putting in a (small) bid on Shields in my AL-only. In all fairness, since the beginning of 2016 Shields is 12-31 with a 5.40/1.48 ERA/WHIP, 381 HA, and a 283/165 K/BB in 368 IP. He's been so bad since '15 that I can see why he sits on most fantasy waiver wires across the US and parts of Canada!



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