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Monday, April 15, 2014: Income tax day! All proceeds to the state and government have to be post-marked by today unless (I guess) you have a doctor's note. It's funny that I always turn in the appropriate forms to my accountant 5 or 6 weeks before this dreaded date, yet my (and my wife's) taxes never seem to get done until the 11th hour (or in this case the 12th hour). And, for a guy that makes his money under the table as they say. it always rankles me that are total lay-out to these money hungry group runs in the tens of thousands. That's without tip included. Rest assured, all payment has been mailed out to the appropriate parties with prejudice! I'll now get ready for another season (if I live) of walking the hills trying to make a better life for my son and my pets.

You might say that when it rains, it pours. At least that's what I'm saying in this third week of the fantasy season. My troops, and the OF in particular, are thinning as we speak. First off, Charlie Culberson gets sent back to the farm on Sunday. That in itself is no big deal. I already had Ben Revere banged up and his mortality rate has reached 6 straight games. Today I got the dreaded day-to-day reports on Curtis Granderson, Michael Cuddyer, and Nate McLouth, who had just received word that he would be the starting CF for the Nationals while Denard Span was on the 7-day DL. That "experiment" lasted about 7 innings. A silly thing called the OF fence got in the way of the other 2. And, when it seemingly couldn't get much worse, news from Mets' camp is Juan Lagares, who I am the proud owner of in 2 NL-only, would require some reconnaissance on the 15-day DL. That request came from his wife. But surely I digress. To make matters worse, in these deep leagues, there's just no one to pick up. I will be combing (and thumbing) through the list of available players when I get back from work. Hope you and yours are doing better.

I've probably written as much on Jeff Francoeur than any other major league baseball player including Emilio Bonifacio on this site. So it was much to my chagrin when I saw the Cleveland Indians sent Francoeur packing a few weeks ago. (Francoeur has since signed a minor league deal with the Padres) He did hit .286 with 10 RBI in 35 AB this spring but all that got him was a hardy pat on the ass from the powers that be. I can't believe that at the age of 30 he can be done. Francoeur was terrible last year with the Royals and the Giants batting .204 in 245 AB. He only hit 3 HR with 17 RBI. Just 2 seasons ago, Francoeur had a 20 HR, 22 SB season for KC while batting .285 in 601 AB.  I did pick him up in my $360-NL late last year and still have him on my roster for $10. If he signs back in the NL before Thursday (when keepers are due in that league), I might have to consider going into the draft with him. He's a great clubhouse guy and still has a great throwing arm from RF (which add up to zero fantasy points). His 906/248 K/BB in 4603 AB does make me want to slit my own wrists. 



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