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Wednesday, January 20, 2016: You guys are absolutely right when you say that Joe Blanton is one of my all time favorites. And yes, I did read that the deep-pocketed Dodgers signed him to a 1 yr/$4-mil deal. But what's money to them? I actually still owned him in my AL-only for $6 (I picked him up early in the season) but after reading this surprising news, I dropped him from my squad. The last time I drafted Blanton was in 2013 when he was with the Angels. Blanton gifted me with a 2-14 record, a 6.04/1.61 ERA/WHIP, 180 HA, and a 108/34 K/B in 132 2/3 IP. He was so bad that the baseball God's made him take the whole next season (2014) off while still getting a paycheck from those very same Angels. Fast forward to mid-2015 when Blanton came to the Pirates. There he saw nirvana (not the band) in the bullpen and went 5-0 in 34 1/3 IP with a 39/9 K.BB, 26 HA, and a 1.57/1.02 ERA/WHIP. But with a lifetime ERA/WHIP of 4.44/1.35 in 1643 IP, who knows what to expect from the overpaid Blanton in 2016.

Congrats to both Griffey and Piazza on their election to the Hall of Fame. I think the reason a few voters every year don't vote for obvious first ballot guys is they want to get attention for themselves on why they didn't vote for Griffey. 2 of the 3 non-voters for Junior probably put an X next to the name of David Eckstein. In 2002 Eckstein did place #11 in the AL MVP voting and was a 2x all star. But it must have been the 35 career HR that swayed those 2 voters who should be fired on the spot. Jim Edmonds (2.5%) and Nomar Garciaparra (1.8%) will not be allowed back on the ballot. Sammy Sosa just stayed on with 7% as did Billy Wagner (10.5). Bonds (44.3) and Clemens (45.2) have a tough road ahead of them to gain enshrinement, Stork. Next year it should be the year for Bagwell (71.6) and Tim "Rock" Raines (69.8). Next year will be the last year on the ballot for Raines as it was this year for Alan Trammel (40.9).

Billy Wagner's career numbers: 903 IP, a 1196/300 K/BB, 422 SV, 601 HA, and a 2.31/1.00 ERA/WHIP. He was also a 7x all star including his final season (2010). All he did that year was pitch 69 1/3 innings, 37 SV, a 104/22 K/BB, 38 HA, and a 1.43/0.87 ERA/WHIP. He could have pitched another 3 or 4 seasons but decided to call it a career while he was still at the top of his game. By the by, the 2 voters that had David Eckstein on their ballots should be fired on the spot as should the 3 that didn't put Griffey on theirs. And Jeff Kent with 16.6% of the votes. The "writers" never saw him play I guess. Kent "only" ended with 377 HR, 1518 RBI, 1320 runs, a .290 BA, 560 doubles and 2461 hits as a second baseman. But as Tom Lynaugh pointed out on an earlier post, Kent was such a douche bag (a la Albert Belle) that the writers are giving him a big "f" you!

Some on the site feel that Fred McGriff has been wrongfully left on the outside looking in. He was supposedly clean and played in an era when a lot of players weren't. McGriff did have some longevity for sure but only led his league in HR twice and never was a dominant player. He's what I would call a compiler as he ended with 493 HR, 1550 RBI, 1349 runs, and an .886 OPS. I would have no issue if he was voted in one day but he probably wouldn't get my vote. The 2 no-brainers on this list are Ken Griffey Jr and Mike Piazza. I think that you can make a strong case for Jeff Kent, Jeff Bagwell, and Trevor Hoffman. But 2 guys that would get my vote are Curt Schilling and Mike Mussina. I rattled off Schilling's numbers at this time last year and I will do so again. He was lifetime 216-146 with a 3.46/1.14 ERA/WHIP, 2998 HA, and a phenomenal 3116/711 K/BB in 3261 IP. He had an unbelievable 2 yr stretch with the D'Backs in '01-'02 when he was 45-13 in 70 GS, a 3.10/1.02 ERA/WHIP, 455 HA, and a 609/72 K/BB in 516 IP. With the Phils in '98-'99, Schilling's K/BB of 619/119 was also top notch. His post-season speaks for itself, an 11-2 record with a 2.23/0.97 ERA/WHIP, 104 HA, and a 120/25 K/BB in 133 1/3 IP.

Mussina did all his work in the tough AL East at the height of the steroid era, winning 270 games (only 153 losses) with a 2813/785 K/BB and a 3.68/1.19 ERA/WHIP in 3562 2/3 IP. Had Mussina hung around for another season or 2 we might not be having this conversation. Tim Raines has also been overlooked with a career 808 SB, 1571 runs, 2605 hits, a .294 BA, an .810 OPS and a stout 966/1330 K/BB. I'd also have no problem if Raines got in.




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