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Sunday January 22, 2017: It seems to be the time to shit or get off the pot, guys. Jake, I loved the back and forth between you and Justin Oh on the Facebook portion of the site. I did check the O/U on the GB/Atl game and it has indeed risen to 61. Two great offenses and, as you mentioned Jake on FB, the Packers' secondary has become patchwork at this point. Not sure if Burnett is playing as that would be a big loss for GB. Both these games are tough for me. All great teams and seemingly everyone has a chance. I like the assessment given by Nieuwenhuis but the Falcons win 40-32. I also, obviously, like the over. Having said that, sometimes when it SEEMS certain that something will happen, such as the over in this game and especially in pro football, you are wise to take the George Costanza way of thinking and just do the opposite. This could be a 24-20 game for all we know but I don't see that happening. Just be careful what you wish for! 

In the AFC matchup, I like the Steelers to cover the 6 points given by the Patriots at NE. I'm not sure if the Steelers can win outright but I think they hang around. Last week it seemed like NE didn't play well until they had to. NE wins 35-32 with Pittsburgh covering. Best of luck to everyone and enjoy the games.

What a difference a year makes! Last year the O's gifted Chris Davis with a 7 yr/$161-mil contract. He did hit 38 HR but only had 84 RBI, batted .221, and K'd a career high 219 times in 566 AB. I'm sure the O's would take something a little like his '13 season when he led the league wth 53 HR and 138 RBI while batting a career high .286 with a 1.004 OPS. Just yesterday the O's resigned Mark Trumbo to a 3 yr deal worth in the neighborhood of $37.5-mil. This came after Trumbo led the AL with 47 HR. He also had 94 runs and 108 RBI while batting .256 in 613 AB. Just seems to me that the Orioles got a great deal here, especially after you look at the contract that Davis signed just a year earlier.

What do the Houston Texans do with Brock Osweiler? I know they gave the rather tall QB from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho a hefty sum to lead them not into temptation (but deliver them from evil). I don't know how much of the $72-mil is guaranteed but the Texans have to be kicking themselves in the ass right about now. It will be interesting to see who Houston has under center for the last 2 weeks of the regular season, Osweiler or the upstart 26 yr old Tom Savage. When I googled Savage starting with Tom S, he was beneath one of my favorite actors of all time, Tom Skerritt. Just thought it kind of funny but, of course, you had to be there. By the by Stork, I feel terrible over your adversity this weekend and hope a stiff beverage will take a little bit of the sting out of a very heart-wrenching past few days for you. I lost my fantasy football playoff first round matchup behind 5 INT's from Russell Wilson and a season low 14 points from David Johnson. But I can't fault the great Johnson (not the former Mets' manager). Johnson became the first player in NFL history to tally 100 or more scrimmage yds during the first 14 games of the season.

It looks like the Nationals are opening up the SS position for Trea Turner by trading their 2016 SS, Danny Espinosa to the Angels. Turner, in 307 AB with the Nats batted a cool .342 with 13 HR and 33 SB. This kid has superstar written all over him. But this is more geared to the bittersweet story of Danny Espinosa. After 5 major league games, I was dusting off Espinosa's HOF plaque. Because the Major League Baseball Committee may just waive the 5 year waiting period (after a player retires) or even the 10 year playing period! Espinosa was 9 for 16 (.563) with 3 HR and 10 RBI. And I don't think that anyone ever led their league in RBI while only playing in September. That just can't happen. He was on pace for 56 RBI in September and 17 HR. This was a guy that every NL-only league owner was stepping over each other in order to get him. Well, his next 13 games were like Pablo Sandoval falling down. THUD! Espinosa was 5 for 50 (.100) with 5 R, 1 HR, 1 RBI, and a 17/3 K/BB. Espinosa did have career highs in HR (24) and RBI (72) in '16 but that came with a .209 BA. Hopefully, a move to the West Coast and to a new league will be just what the doctor ordered. Though, I don't think so!

“Greed…is good.” According to corporate raider, Gordon Gecko, greed is the motivating factor in human behavior. In examining the dynamics of baseball, one would be forced to agree. But what exactly is greed good for? First glance reveals that greed allows fat-cat agents to negotiate outrageous contracts not only for the big stars but also for the slightly-better-than-mediocre player who is up for free agency. After all, what a particular talent for throwing or hitting might yield depends on what the market will allow, and we all know that a free-market is at the heart of a capitalist society. Do you remember Jody Reed? He was a little better than marginal middle infielder who played with a number of teams in the '80's and '90's. He played 6 seasons with the Boston Red Sox hitting .280 with a .357 OBP. He even led the AL with 45 doubles in 1990 utilizing the Green Monster at Fenway. Reed signed with the Dodgers in 1993 for $2.5-mil and hit .276 in 445 AB. The Dodgers seemed to like Reed so after the season the club offered him a 3 yr/$7.8-mil deal. On the advice of his brother-in-law agent, Reed turned down the deal. Jose Offerman was the Dodger SS at the time and between the 37 errors and his penchant for late throws to the second baseman, Reed may have been in fear for his life. The Dodgers ended up trading young SP Pedro Martinez to the Expos for 2B Delino DeShields. After Reed's "gaffe," he played with Milwaukee (.271) in 1994, 2 seasons in SD and, for $675,000, 52 games with the Tigers in 1997 batting .196. In the final 4 seasons of Reed's career, he earned $2,875,000. By not signing the Dodger offer Reed lost almost $5-mil. He finished his career with 1231 H, 566 R, 392 RBI, and a .270 BA. After the 2000 season, Juan Gonzalez was offered an 8 yr/$148-mil deal by the Tigers. Never known as the smartest man in the world, Gonzalez rejected the offer. This is a guy that was married 4 times before his 30th birthday. Apparently, he didn't like the cavernous dimensions of Comerica Park. Gonzalez played 5 more seasons on three 1-yr contracts and one 2-yr deal earning a total of just over $38-mil. Another "smart guy" was Nomar Garciaparra, who in 2003, rejected the Red Sox 4 yr/$60-mil offer. Garciaparra felt he was worth as much as A-Rod and Jeter but no one else thought so. He signed a one-year deal with the Cubs in 2005 for $8-mil. Between 2005 and his last season in 2009, Garciaparra earned just over $33-mil. Believe me, I’m not messing with the Great American Way. However, I think that greed might be good for another less obvious reason: those insatiable ball players who are holding out for the contract of the century often find themselves priced out of their own market, and forced to accept a less lucrative deal because the clock has run out. They learn that the knife of greed can cut both ways and teach a golden lesson in the bargain: sometimes the market just ain’t there.




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