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Friday, July 3, 2015: Are there any lessons that we can take with this whole Casey McGehee experiment by SF? The Giants tried to cash in on his big first half (actually first 6 weeks) last season but the reality is, anyone that knows baseball shouldn't be surprised at the outcome. McGehee bounced into 15 DP's in just 138 plate appearances. While that may not be a record for ineptitude, it certainly is a terrible stat. No wonder the Giant fans would give McGehee a rousing chorus of boos every time he stepped to the plate. This just looked like a case of the Giants needing a veteran guy at the hot corner after losing Kung Fu Panda to the Red Sox and the Marlins were selling high on their very own McGehee. I can't find any other explanation for this. McGehee ends (it sure looks like) his Giant career with a .213 BA in 127 AB, 7 runs, 2 HR, 11 RBI, a 28/11 K/BB, and a .575 OPS. I guess that the Giants’ front office has been painfully aware of what’s been going on with McGehee all year and they gave him a lot of rope. Unfortunately he hung himself with it! Matt Duffy skipped AAA and stayed on the main roster, so obviously the Giants had him in their plans. I wasn’t really thrilled with McGehee either, but I was leaning more to McGehee exceeding expectations than "worst case scenario’s nightmare." I often compared McGehee to long-time Giants' 3B Pedro Feliz. But maybe the difference was that Feliz could field his position. Back in 2010 while playing with the Brewers, McGehee had 23 HR, 104 RBI, 70 runs and batted .285 with an .801 OPS in 610 AB. So it wasn't all bad for Casey McGehee was it?

Someone on this very site had the nerve to compare the high hands in the batting stance of Craig Counsell to one of the all-time greats, Ted Williams. You know, one of the greatest hitters of all time. Not sure that those 2 have ever been mentioned in the same sentence together. Counsell and Teddy Ballgame, yeah, I can see it! I've kicked guys off the site for less that that. If you had Ron Roenicke in your pool as the first manager fired in '15, you made yourself some cash. And the new Brewers' manager, Counsell, had a solid major league career, don't get me wrong, going 1208 for 4741 (.255), with a .686 OPS, 42 HR, 390 RBI, 103 SB, 647 runs, and a 663/589 K/BB and had the ability to play all over the place. I owned Counsell for a buck in my $360-NL back in '05 when he had his best season. That year for the D'Backs, Counsell batted .256 in 578 AB, 85 runs, 26 SB, a 69/78 K/BB, and a .726 OPS. Counsell was part of 2 World Champions ('97 Marlins, '01 D'Backs) and was the MVP of the '01 NLCS when he was 8 for 21 (.381), with a .905 OPS, 5 runs, 4 RBI, and 1 SB. But fittingly it would end for Counsell after the 2011 season when, form June 11 thru August 1, he went 0 for 45 with a 5/1 K/BB and an .042 OPS. All in all, it was a good run for Counsell and I hope the Brewers give him the chance to turn this mess around. I personally think they should take the best offer for Ryan Braun and maybe even Carlos Gomez. Aramis Ramirez is gone, too, after the season. Get some good young hitters and take a mulligan on this season. Yeah, like it never existed. Counsell is presently 10-8 in his first foray into managing.




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