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Monday, April 20, 2015: And they were laughing at me when I drafted Clay Buchholz for $3. I was actually laughing at myself. It's ironic that if the Red Sox traded for Cole Hamels, he would have gotten the Opening Day start and not Buchholz. Instead, Hamels gave up 4 solo HR in 5 IP while Buchholz looked cool as a cucumber with his arm glistening under the sun and his hair soaking wet. Some might call him a cheater but, for now, I'll call him my ace with 7 IP, 3 HA, 0 ER, a 9/1 K/BB, and a win for his troubles. I guess after the 10 runs allowed in Buchholz's second GS, I'm the one who's crying. I got a note from the commissioner of the league to mention to me that this was the Buchholz he remembered. Buchholz kind of "righted the ship" in his third start giving up 12 hits and 2 runs in 6 IP. Yes, he sucks. But he'll always have his 2 shut outs (6 career, including a no-hitter in his second career start back in Sept of '07) pitched from the '14 season to talk about at the dinner table! Buchholz was Walter Johnson in 2013 before injuries ended his "breakout" season. His 1.74/1.03 ERA/WHIP from that season were quite a bounty as were his 12-1 record, 75 HA, and 96/36 K/BB. I was able to trade Buchholz at the trade deadline for a couple other useful players, I just forget who they were. So I would say they weren't so useful! I have no choice (at this time) but to hang in with him in my AL-only as my other SP's include Jered Weaver, Wei-Yin Chen, Anibal Sanchez (9 ER in his last GS), Nathan Eovaldi and the great Jason Vargas (10 HA in 3 IP in his last GS). And all I can say is that I did it to myself!




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