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Saturday, January 24, 2015: I know my Packers covered but in many ways it doesn't seem like I won. Thank God for the 7.5 points. Some comeback by the Seahawks. I think it was the most points ever for a winning team to be down by at half since they were down by 16. The guy (Bostick) on the "hands" team that dropped the onside kick may be jettisoned to the Jets on the nearest rickshaw! Ironically Kearse caught the winning TD pass in OT, the same guy who was the intended target on all 4 of Wilson's INT's. All I can say now is go Patriots. The second game was what a few of us thought it would be, a slaughter. David and Rotojones called the rout and I gladly laid the 7. I think a lot of people got fooled because the Colts so easily handled the old (and in the way) Broncos. I was glad to go 2-0 bring my playoff up to 6-4 and insuring me of over a .500 finish. The same can't be said for Jake who's now on a slow boat back to Australia (the same boat that Brandon Bostick may be on) with his head hung low and his wallet even lower. We'll get a Super Bowl selection up on the blog by late this week or early next week to talk about that big game, the 49th all time. So get your thinking caps on and Tom, you better make it 2 thinking caps sewed together to house that rather unwieldy cranium!

Ernie Banks remains the Cubs' leader in games played (2,528), AB (9,421), plate appearances (10,395) and X-base hits (1,009). He is second in HR (512), hits (2,583) and RBIs (1,636). I'd like to safely put Banks at #1 in HR over the steroid abusing Sammy Sosa if that's OK with everyone. I saw him on TV a few months back and remember thinking to myself how good he looked for a guy in his 80's. Playing for the Cubs could make anyone want to kick their cat but Banks always stayed upbeat and positive. I never heard anyone say a bad thing about him. Very sad news concerning the passing of Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub. Now he'll be able to play 2 everyday!

There's nothing I would rather write about than Emilio Bonifacio. Hard to believe at the age of 29 (he'll turn 30 in April) the Chicago White Sox, who he signed a 1 yr/$4-mil deal with today, will be his 8th major league team. That includes 4 teams the past 2 seasons. It must mean that everyone wants him. And while I think $4-mil is a little much for him, I do like this signing by the South Siders. He can play second, short, third, and CF. I've told this story many times on this very site but the best fantasy baseball day of my life was back on Apr 6, 2009 (Opening Day). I had Bonifacio on my $360-NL team for $10. Against the Nationals, Bonifacio went 4 for 5 with 4 runs, 1 HR, 2 RBI, and 3 SB. This guy was headed to the Hall of Fame. It didn't matter to me that the LD he hit to RF was played into a HR by Lastings Milledge (I believe it was him). It would also be the only HR Bonifacio hit all season. His first 7 games of divinity that season looked like this: 16 for 33 (.485) with 11 runs, 5 RBI, and 4 SB. I could have named my price for him! Of course, Bonifacio gifted my resolution with 4 for his next 41 (.098) with 1 run, 1 SB, 0 RBI, and a 15/3 K/BB. Bonifacio had his best season in 2011 with Florida when he batted .296 in 565 AB, 78 runs, 5 HR, 36 RBI, 40 SB, a .753 OPS, and a 129/59 K/BB. You can bet that I will make a play for him in my AL-only this coming spring as long as the price doesn't get too prohibitive. I might scratch double digits for him but probably not much more than $12. 

I had Bonifacio in my $360-NL this year. I drafted him for $28 as he was the last speed guy left. With the $5 add-on preseason, Bonifacio would have been $33 and I wasn't going to keep him. That all becomes moot since he went to the AL. Bonifacio is valuable in fantasy. He's averaged 31 SB a season over the last 4. In his first 8 games in 2014, Bonifacio was 19 for 38 (.500), 8 runs, 5 SB, and a 1.116 OPS. He was on pace for around 384 hits and I believe that would have been an all-time record. I think the moral of all this is, by all means, draft Bonifacio, but after 7 or 8 games into the season sell him to the highest bidder.

I ended up winning the scoring title in Alzado by 14 points. The next 2 owners were 16 and 24 points behind me respectively. I didn't make all the right decisions but it did somehow work out. My QB Russell Wilson had 9 points. I benched Peyton Manning and he had 10. Let's call that a push. I went with C.J. Anderson (28) and Marshawn Lynch (15). Anderson's 3 TD's saved the day for me. On my bench, Arian Foster started out like gangbusters but then got hurt and ended up with 9. Surprisingly Terrance West, who's appeared on milk cartons all over the country had 16. My WR's DeSean Jackson (14), Roddy White (10), and Emmanuel Sanders (7) were OK and Steve Smith (Senior) had 10 from my bench. I started the Houston D (10), leaving the Pitt D (15) on the bench. Let's call that a loss. Another loss could be at PK where my starter, Matt Bryant has 3 and my back-up, Steven Hauschka, had 8. But my biggest blunder, and it could have cost me, was my choice of TE's. Julius Thomas pitched a shut out for me while Coby Fleener had 17 from the bench. All in all a good season and hope to be able to play again in 2015.

I wonder how many fans of baseball, and I mean purists, are saying that "crime does pay." Lest we forget, Melky Cabrera has had a little help from his friends amassing pretty stealthy numbers after a woeful beginning in the form of PED's and has profited greatly from those indiscretions. From 2011 until the present day, Cabrera holds a .309 BA with an .809 OPS. But the White Sox are trying to put together a competitive club so I won't fault their signing of Cabrera. I actually have him in my AL-only for $7 and will be keeping him for a 3rd season with Thwarted Sarfate, my ball club. I remember (like it was yesterday) at the 2013 AL draft when I bought up the name "Melky Cabrera" for $7 and the only noise in the room was crickets. I wondered at the time if the other owners were appalled that I would draft such an offender. In fact, no one in the league has talked to me since then, except for the commissioner Stork. Cabrera hit .301 in '14 with 16 HR, 73 RBI, 81 runs, and an .808 OPS. So just based on the numbers the White Sox did pretty good for themselves getting his name on the dotted line for 3 yrs/$42-mil.

This is a contract that I said at the time would cause a ripple in the budget of the US. On Jan 2, 2013 the Cubs inked Edwin Jackson to a 4 yr/$52-mil contract. At the time I said that this is one of the worst contracts in professional sports' history. The Cubs have received 58 GS from Jackson with a 258/122 K/BB, 365 HA, and a 5.58/1.54 ERA/WHIP in 316 IP. Now that's really taking a lighter and torching your money if you're the Cubbies.

Although Alfonso Soriano was a consensus #1 or 2 draft pick in straight (or gay) fantasy drafts in the early 2000's, I don't believe he did quite enough to merit election into the Hall of Fame. Yes, he did have some Hall of Fame seasons. The 2002 season with the Yankees stands out. 128 runs, 209 hits, 51 doubles, 39 HR, 41 SB, .880 OPS. But as one of our bloggers David Lucibello said, he couldn't lay off the bad pitch as indicated by his 157/23 K/BB that season. His only season in the nation's capitol (2006) was his 40/40 season. His numbers that season were also Hall worthy. 46 HR, 41 SB, .911 OPS, 41 doubles and 119 runs. Then he signed that hideous (for the team) deal with the Cubs and may forever be remembered as an under-achiever. But I choose to remember the good times for Soriano which included 7 seasons of 32 or more HR, a .270 BA in 7750 AB, 412 HR (50th all time), an .819 OPS, 481 doubles, 1159 RBI, 1152 runs, and 289 SB. I'll choose to forget the career 1803/496 K/BB. By the by, when the Yankees acquired Soriano from the Cubs in the summer of '13, he did carry them with 17 HR and 50 RBI in 58 games, 37 runs and an .850 OPS. But something went woefully wrong in '14 before the Yankees mercifully released him in the summer. He batted .221 with a .611 OPS, 6 HR, 23 RBI, and a 71/6 K/BB. I will only hope that Soriano stands by this decision to call it quits.



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