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Wednesday September 17, 2014: My good friend Tom Lynaugh makes a lot of good points in his speech on the Adrian Peterson thread. You would think from this that Tom made a lot more of his life than he did. I sometimes wonder if it all stems from the fact that Tom was usually the last guy picked for pick-up basketball games, left out there with the Jewish kids, or sometimes not picked at all! The difference there is that the Jewish guys became successful in life. Adrian Peterson certainly made something of his own life and was probably the first or second guy picked for any sporting event. The Vikings saw fit to give AP the weekend off which was fine by me. I came from that background of the daily beatings with the big spoon or the spatula. My brothers and I would put baseball cards in our back pockets to absorb some of the pain and suffering. But as I get older I realize that a good paddling on your bare bottom (if administered by the right girl) would probably be some weird form of foreplay. And I guess we just accept the reason for being a beater is that you were beaten as a kid. I'm not 100% sure that I buy that but at least it gives some understanding to the mentality behind it all. Yes Tom, we root, root, root for our fantasy players and, as you found out this past weekend, it can really shake things up when putting in your starting lineup.

Someone on the site had the nerve to proclaim that they've never heard of Honus Wagner. This is a baseball site, for God's sake! I could almost understand if this were a soccer site. As George Bernard Shaw opined some time back over an 18 yr old Scotch and a good cigar, "Youth is wasted on the young!" I think that comment was meant for that particular blogger. And a Honus Wagner baseball card is about as rare as a good blog by him! Wagner was one of the original 5 Hall of Fame members in 1936 along with Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Christy Matthewson, and Walter Johnson. The greatest baseball names of all time and all top 10 players. Wagner and I did share 6 months on earth together as he dies in November of '55. Wagner was a .328 lifetime hitter with 1733 RBI, 1739 runs, 723 SB, and an .858 OPS. He also stroked 253 triples and 653 doubles in a career that spanned 21 seasons.



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