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Tuesday, November 18, 2014: I'm not sure that anyone in baseball (even Mike Trout) is worth $325-mil. The one thing that Stanton has going for him (that Pujols didn't have) is that he's still a young man. And from what I've seen of him in interviews and the like, he seems like a good man who wants to give the fans of Miami (yes, all 10 of them David) a winning ball club. I'm sure that the Marlins' accountants have figured this whole money thing down to the core. If the Marlins can't make money off this signing with the new stadium deal possibilities and future free agent signings to make them a winner, then why would they do all this? In a way it makes sense for the Marlins but my gut feeling is that the money is a wee bit high and the years may come back to bite them in the ass. As the years have a way of doing with all of us!

Can I add on to the statement I made on this very thread a week ago. I'd love to live in a world where Russell Martin can get a 5 yr contract for $82-mil. It is a real head scratcher, that's for sure. I guess the Blue Jays weren't enthralled with their catching corps of Dioner Navarro and Josh Thole. I will agree with David that this is a bad contract and with Abbie when he says that Martin may not even be catching in 3 years. If history is any barometer, aren't MLB catchers usually on the decline after the age of 30. Yes, Martin did put up his best season in a bunch of years in '14 but please! I was thinking a 3 yr/$45-mil deal for Martin but what do I know?

This is a contract that I said at the time would cause a ripple in the budget of the US. On Jan 2, 2013 the Cubs inked Edwin jackson to a 4 yr/$52-mil contract. At the time I said that this is one of the worst contracts in professional sports' history. The Cubs have received 58 GS from Jackson with a 258/122 K/BB, 365 HA, and a 5.58/1.54 ERA/WHIP in 316 IP. Now that's really taking a lighter and torching your money if you're the Cubbies.

Although Alfonso Soriano was a consensus #1 or 2 draft pick in straight (or gay) fantasy drafts in the early 2000's, I don't believe he did quite enough to merit election into the Hall of Fame. Yes, he did have some Hall of Fame seasons. The 2002 season with the Yankees stands out. 128 runs, 209 hits, 51 doubles, 39 HR, 41 SB, .880 OPS. But as one of our bloggers David Lucibello said, he couldn't lay off the bad pitch as indicated by his 157/23 K/BB that season. His only season in the nation's capitol (2006) was his 40/40 season. His numbers that season were also Hall worthy. 46 HR, 41 SB, .911 OPS, 41 doubles and 119 runs. Then he signed that hideous (for the team) deal with the Cubs and may forever be remembered as an under-achiever. But I choose to remember the good times for Soriano which included 7 seasons of 32 or more HR, a .270 BA in 7750 AB, 412 HR (50th all time), an .819 OPS, 481 doubles, 1159 RBI, 1152 runs, and 289 SB. I'll choose to forget the career 1803/496 K/BB. By the by, when the Yankees acquired Soriano from the Cubs in the summer of '13, he did carry them with 17 HR and 50 RBI in 58 games, 37 runs and an .850 OPS. But something went woefully wrong in '14 before the Yankees mercifully released him in the summer. He batted .221 with a .611 OPS, 6 HR, 23 RBI, and a 71/6 K/BB. I will only hope that Soriano stands by this decision to call it quits.

When Kevin Youkilis was still in the minors I always loved his nickname "The Greek God of Walks." Then I find out years later that the Youk is really Jewish. Who knew? While I agree with you guys that Youkilis should give most of his Yankee money back, he did enjoy some success in the show as he was a major cog in the Red Sox getting back to respectability. He was a 3x all star and even has a Gold Glove on his resume. He ends his career with 150 HR, 618 RBI, 653 runs, a .281 BA in 3749 AB, an .861 OPS, and an 828/539 K/BB. I actually liked the signing by the Yankees before the '13 season, though I did report at the time that $12-mil was a bit on the steep side. His 118 plate appearances for the Bombers netted out to $101,695 every time he stepped to the dish. Even a dope like me could do that! Injuries did ruin a pretty steady early part of his career, one that didn't start full blown in MLB until he was 27 yrs old. I wish him well in retirement.

It could be just the opposite for Jeff Francoeur as opposed to Dontrelle Willis. He could go from hitter to pitcher while the D-Train should have made the switch to hitter. I just looked over Willis' numbers after the start of '08 and really had to throw up in my mouth. Willis rattled off a 4-15 mark, a 6.15/1.81 ERA/WHIP, 205 HA, and a 139/156 K/BB in 199 IP. until it was mercifully over in 2011. That's downright embarrassing! Though he did go 12 for 31 (.387) at the dish during that final summer in the show. There really hasn't been any news concerning Frenchie since his release by SD in August. That request came from management. But that's what an .083 BA (2 for 24) with a .262 OPS deserves. What about this idea? The Mets sign Francoeur to a low ball deal before spring as a RP. With this new age of specialization the Mets could add to their suspect pen and still have Francoeur's "bat" at the ready off the bench. Hard to believe that he turns 31 in January and it really is a lifetime ago that I was holding on to him for $15 in my $360-NL when other owners were making some pretty decent offers for his services.



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