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Wednesday, July 29, 2015: Love all the action in major league baseball so far. And it's only Tuesday! The rest of the week (until the Friday deadline) could be sick! I'm particularly happy that Jon Papelbon stayed in the NL since I own him in 2 NL-only where you lose the player if he goes to the AL. Papelbon has mandated to the Nats that he wants to close which facilitated his trade there. Plus the Phillies weren't giving the former Red Sock much of a chance to add some saves to his resume. Maybe the Rockies just wanted to dump all that money (from the Tulo contract) on someone and found the Jays compliant. The Blue Jays have the best offense in baseball already but I'm surprised (so far) that the only SP I hear them linked to is Tyson Ross (who I would lose in one of my NL). You just have to hope, if you're a Blue Jays fan, that Tulo stays in one piece playing half his games on that crappy turf in Toronto. Jose Reyes probably won't be reuniting with the Citi Field faithful anytime soon but it wouldn't surprise me if he's moved to another venue in the near term. I think Shane Victorino was just addition by subtraction. If Rutledge ever gives them anything, that's icing on the cake for the Red Sox. I can live with the Mets haul especially if Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe are replacing the likes of Eric Campbell and Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Clippard will add a steady arm to the back of the bullpen but in my AL-only (where I can keep the services of Clippard through the end of the season), I might have lost the few SV's I would get from him. And now I just heard that enigmatic RP for the Mets, Jenrry Mejia, was suspended for 162 games for a second violation of the MLB drug policy. I guess some guys just never learn!




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