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Monday, July 24, 2017: With both Strasburg and Kershaw biting the dust yesterday for a total of 4 IP, I'd like to share the worst day for starting pitching in my fantasy career. Back on August 9, 2000, when I had two SP’s in my expert AL-only go on national TV in different games (and different channels) by the names of Jamie Moyer and Kevin Appier, I knew or thought I knew the depths of despair. These two warriors who were hailed by the announcers as stalwarts and gamers for staying the course could only muster 7 1/3 IP between them. By the by, they combined for 20 HA, 21 ER, a 4/8 K/BB, 190 pitches and 5 HRA. I remember throwing the remote at the TV and more than once. And to think that I was really looking forward to that night of TV.

20 yr old Rafael Devers was called up to the Boston Red Sox to fill their gaping hole at third base. Spending most of the season at Double-A (with 8 games in AAA), Devers is batting .305 in 318 AB with 54 runs, 20 HR, and 60 RBI. The Bosox have had issues with third sackers this season, starting with Kung Fu Panda, and even put out a call to try to (legally, of course) exhume the body of former Red Sox, Joe Foy. I would have opted for Rico Petrocelli as (I believe) he is still above ground.

After hitting a career-high 24 HR and 72 RBI with the Nationals in 2016, Danny Espinosa has hit just .162 with 91 strikeouts in 228 AB this year. He cleared waivers and was released by the Angels this past Friday. I remember when I picked up Espinosa before his first game in Sept 2010. After 5 major league games, I was dusting off Espinosa's HOF plaque. Because the Major League Baseball Committee may just waive the 5 year waiting period or even the 10 year playing period! Espinosa was 9 for 16 (.563) with 3 HR and 10 RBI. And I don't think that anyone ever led their league in RBI while only playing in September. That just can't happen. He was on pace for 56 RBI in September and 17 HR. This was a guy that every NL league owner was stepping over each other in order to get him. Well, his next 13 games were like Pablo Sandoval falling down. THUD! Espinosa was 5 for 50 (.100) with 5 R, 1 HR, 1 RBI, and a 17/3 K/BB. Sometimes I just want to kick myself in the ass.



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