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Wednesday, February 21, 2018: 

Hard to believe that one time great SP, Felix (King Felix) Hernandez languished until the 412th pick in Walter's 20 team dynasty draft. The former Cy Young winner (2010) and 6x all star could manage only 6 wins and 86 2/3 IP in 2017. King Felix owns 160 career wins in 2502 IP with a 3.20/1.18 ERA/WHIP and a 2342/741 K/BB. From 2009-2015 he averaged 15 wins in 228 IP with a 221/59 K/BB. I'd like to see Hernandez come back in some form in 2018 but I'm not betting on a return to greatness. Or even goodness!

Chris Carter signed a minor league deal with the Angels the other day. Carter will earn $1.75-mil if he makes the majors and another $600,000 in incentives. In 2015 for the Brewers, his only year in the NL, Carter tied for the league lead with 41 HR, had 94 RBI, but could hit only .222 (with an .821 OPS) in 549 AB. He wasn't invited back for 2016 and had to settle for a low-ball offer from the Yankees where he disappointed and was released at midseason. Let's keep an eye on Carter's progress for AL-only this spring. In his 4 full seasons in the show (2013-2016) Carter has averaged a 188/65 K/BB, 33 HR, and 82 RBI.

The Brewers made another "big splash" in the market signing LHP Wade Miley to a minor league deal. Miley was God-awful for the Orioles in '17 with a 5.61/1.73 ERA/WHIP, 179 HA, and a 142/93 K/BB in 157 1/3 IP. It's easy to forget that Miley was actually effective early in his career with the D'Backs. In his first full season (2012) Miley won 16 games with a 144/37 K/BB in 194 2/3 IP. He even finished second in the NL ROY voting (to Bryce Harper) and made the all star team. This deal guarantees Miley $2.5-mil with major-league team and $5.7-mil if he makes 29 starts.

A few of us have been talking on the Facebook site over the failed/stalled career of Jon Singleton, the one time Houston prospect. Lest we forget, before Singleton even played a major league game the Astros signed him to a 5 yr/$10-mil (guaranteed) contract. I was never really that high on him. I will give you this, he knows how to take a base on balls. But I believe his lifetime BA in the majors is something like .160. I googled his career stats in (all of or parts) 9 minor league seasons. Singleton is 783 for 3058 (.256) with an .828 OPS, 506 runs, 135 HR, 529 RBI, and an 858/593 K/BB. In 357 AB in the majors Singleton is a lifetime .171 batter with a .621 OPS, a 151/60 K/BB, 48 runs, 14 HR, and 50 RBI. I don't even believe that Singleton is currently on the Astros' 40 man roster as he's been passed up by names like A.J. Reed, J.D. Davis, and Tyler White. I would say that the only chance for Singleton is a change of scenery. He finished the 2017 season with 18 HR and 62 RBI with a 132/107 K/BB down at Double-A in 385 AB.  Having said that he's collected $5.5-mil of that 5 yr $10-mil contract that was signed before Singleton ever played in a major league game. I read also if a team claims him they're on the hook for the other $4.5-mil he's owed over the next 2 seasons. So he'll more than likely remain off the 40 man roster over the remainder of his Astros' career. Let's call Singleton a worse version of Russell Branyan or Jack Cust but nevertheless, a true 3 outcome hitter. Except, compared to Singleton, Branyan is a first ballot HOFer.

After hitting a career-high 24 HR and 72 RBI with the Nationals in 2016, Danny Espinosa has hit just .162 with 91 strikeouts in 228 AB this year. He cleared waivers and was released by the Angels in Sept. I remember when I picked up Espinosa before his first game in Sept 2010. After 5 major league games, I was dusting off Espinosa's HOF plaque. Because the Major League Baseball Committee may just waive the 5 year waiting period or even the 10 year playing period! Espinosa was 9 for 16 (.563) with 3 HR and 10 RBI. And I don't think that anyone ever led their league in RBI while only playing in September. That just can't happen. He was on pace for 56 RBI in September and 17 HR. This was a guy that every NL league owner was stepping over each other in order to get him. Well, his next 13 games were like Pablo Sandoval falling down. THUD! Espinosa was 5 for 50 (.100) with 5 R, 1 HR, 1 RBI, and a 17/3 K/BB. Sometimes I just want to kick myself in the ass. 



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